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Commander status is stopped due to missing /var/tmp/commander.pid

Commander start / stop / status looks up for /var/tmp/commander.pid to identify if commander is running or not. If this file is not found, status of commander is mentioned as "commander is stopped" and if the file exists but the process id mentioned in it is not correct, "commander dead but pid file exists" message is thrown even though all the process for commander may be running.

If required, you may update the file /var/tmp/commander.pid by pulling out the process id for "thin server" if commander is running.

You could use the below to identify the process for thin server using: 
ps -ef | egrep thin | egrep 5443

Update /var/tmp/commander.pid with the identified process id. Now you should be able to start / stop commander. 

Snippet example:
[root@phd11-admin-ha gphd]# service commander status
commander (pid  2679) is running...

[root@phd11-admin-ha gphd]# cat /var/tmp/commander.pid
2679[root@phd11-admin-ha gphd]# echo 3000 > !$
[root@phd11-admin-ha gphd]# service commander status
commander dead but pid file exists

[root@phd11-admin-ha gphd]# rm /var/tmp/commander.pid
rm: remove regular file `/var/tmp/commander.pid'? y
[root@phd11-admin-ha gphd]# service commander status
commander is stopped


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