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gpcrondump Error During Incremental Backup: "No Dump Report Files Found in Dump Directory"


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.2.5.x
  • Operating System- All supported


gpcrondump returns error "No dump report files found in dump directory" while performing an incremental backup.


While performing an incremental backup, gpcrondump looks up the db_dumps directory for the most recently created backup "YYYYMMDD" directory and for most recent gp_dump_<timestamp>.rpt file. If a .rpt file is not found, gpcrondump will exit, since it consider's that the previous backup was not successful.

For an incremental backup, it is mandatory to ensure that that last full backup was successful, thus it looks for a .rpt file.


This issue has been fixed in the 4.2.6.x version and above.


Identify the last successful backup which could be used. Move all the other backup directories or files to a different directory which are due to the last unsuccessful backup. Then try the incremental backup again, it should succeed.

Example: Let's say 20140121 contains the last successful full backup. Another full backup was started on 20140123 and user had to cancel it for some reason, because of which the .rpt file was not created in it. Thus, if you start a new incremental backup, as soon as it starts, it will report an error. In this case, just move 20140123 to some other directory, and start incremental backup again.

gpadmin:Fullrack@mdw $ gpcrondump -x testdb --incremental
20140124:01:19:26:017801 gpcrondump:mdw:gpadmin-[INFO]:-Starting gpcrondump with args: -x testdb --incremental
20140124:01:19:26:017801 gpcrondump:mdw:gpadmin-[INFO]:-Bypassing disk space checks for incremental backup
20140124:01:19:26:017801 gpcrondump:mdw:gpadmin-[CRITICAL]:-gpcrondump failed. (Reason='No dump report files found in dump directory /data/archana/4260/master/gpseg2-1/db_dumps/20140123') exiting...

List of directories:

drwx------ 2 gpadmin gpadmin 4096 Jan 20 17:28 20140120
drwx------ 2 gpadmin gpadmin 4096 Jan 21 14:15 20140121
drwx------ 2 gpadmin gpadmin 4096 Jan 23 00:55 20140123


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