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Pivotal Greenplum Command Center shows "Greenplum database is down. Do you wish to start ?"


Greenplum Command Center and previous


We have several cases where users reporting Greenplum command center login page shows

"Greenplum database is down. Do you wish to start?"

As shown in below image.


This is known issue in Greenplum Command Center version or below versions.


This bug is fixed in Greenplum Command Center version and later versions, so would recommend to upgrade to the fixed version.

For more details on install/upgrade GPCC, please refer release notes from the link.


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    Scott Gai

    just shared my experience here in case it will be helpful for others.
    I encountered exactly same issue as this one today for GPCC I loaded GPCC web page in Internet Explorer. It's successfull at first. Then this issue appeared after logged out from web UI. The database is absolutely up and running. And configuration at cc-web side is correct. But I keep trying reload the page on IE and the issue remained. Finally I loaded GPCC web UI with Chrome browser, it's successful
    Then I closed IE and opened it again. This time I could successfully load GPCC web UI without observing this problem.

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