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Create table failed with "ERROR: toast table is not supported"


Tried to create a simple table but failed with "ERROR:  toast table is not supported"

hawqdb=# create table t1(a int, b text) distributed by (a);
ERROR:  toast table is not supported


tablespace of "hawqdb" database was configured as system default table space "pg_default" which could not be used according to JIRA GPSQL-74

hawqdb=# select datname, dattablespace, dat2tablespace from pg_database;
  datname  | dattablespace | dat2tablespace
 template0 |          1663 |           1663
 template1 |          1663 |           1663
 hawqdb    |          1663 |           1663
(4 rows)


The best way will be to create another user level table space and make database to use that table space. But so far I didn't find a way to achieve that. So the workaround is to create another database with non-system table space and migrate the data to new database


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