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Hadoop daemons reports an ERROR "No common protection layer between client and server"


PHD 1.x


Hadoop daemons (datanode, namenode, journal manager, etc.) may report an error "No common protection layer between client and server" during startup rendering hdfs filesystem unavailable

Error snippet below from logs:

2014-03-01 13:03:03,150 ERROR org.apache.hadoop.security.UserGroupInformation: PriviledgedActionException as:hdfs/phd11-snn.saturn.local@SATURN.LOCAL (auth:KERBEROS) cause:javax.security.sasl.SaslException: No common protection layer between client and server


hadoop.rpc.protection parameter in core-site.xml sets the quality of protection for secured sasl connections. Possible values are authentication, integrity and privacy.

  • authentication: It means authentication only and no integrity or privacy
  • integrity: It implies authentication and integrity are enabled
  • privacy: It implies all of authentication, integrity and privacy are enabled

The error message ideally indicates that there is a difference between the protection quality (value of hadoop.rpc.protection) between different cluster nodes. However, it appears to be a bug. This error is observed if hadoop.rpc.protection is set to integrity / privacy.


Change the value of hadoop.rpc.protection in /etc/gphd/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml to authentication on all the cluster nodes are restart the cluster services.





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